Developmental Delays

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Parents of newborns look forward to a lifetime of memories as they watch their baby grow up. Mothers and fathers remember their child's first words and when their child first learned to walk. But some children experience problems in their development, and the negligence of medical professionals may be a factor. The birth injury attorneys at Cherundolo Law Firm, PLLC fight to hold these negligent medical professionals accountable.

There are certain milestones in child development that pediatricians monitor. These include the age at which a child learns to walk, talk and develop motor skills, for example. But sometimes, problems experienced during pregnancy or birth interfere with child development. As a result, children don't develop certain skills until they are much older, or they never develop those skills at all.

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The negligence of medical professionals can play a role in development problems in different ways. Some may have neglected to anticipate problems due to something that happened during pregnancy or childbirth. Or, the medical professionals themselves may have caused the problem.

Some of the factors that can lead to birth injuries causing developmental delays include:

  • Genetic condition was not diagnosed at birth
  • Improper use of instruments caused brain damage
  • Failure to induce labor or perform a Caesarian section
  • Medication errors during pregnancy
  • Premature delivery

Developmental delays have an emotional impact on parents, who worry about their child. It also has a significant financial impact, as parents must then pay for medical expenses, therapy, tutoring and ongoing care to aid their child's development.

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Malpractice cases involving developmental delays are complicated and difficult to prove. And you can expect fierce resistance from medical professionals, hospitals, insurance companies and lawyers. But those are the kinds of cases we handle every day. Cherundolo Law Firm, PLLC has the knowledge, experience and resources needed to get results.

Our legal team conducts a thorough investigation to learn what happened. This involves reviewing medical records and other documents, identifying and interviewing witnesses and consulting medical experts. We know what kinds of negligence can be involved and how to find evidence of it. Then we fight to resolve you case in a way that meets your needs.

If your child is experiencing developmental delays and you suspect that negligence may have played a role, contact our firm for a free case evaluation. We'll answer any questions you have and explain your options.