Rising Dangers in Childbirth in Syracuse and Beyond

Childbirth has always been one of the most amazing, powerful, and dangerous events in the human experience. The world’s mothers have benefited from advancements in medical care, however, and in all but one industrialized country, the rates of maternal death are consistently decreasing. The problem for us, however, is that the one industrialized country where...

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Use of Opioids Under Scrutiny in New York

In a surprisingly short time, opioids have gone from a niche term within the medical profession to a household name. Addictions to opioid medicines and, through them, to heroin, have escalated to epidemic levels. They have been tearing families apart, ruining lives, and costing our public health and safety agencies massive amounts of money. The...

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Why You Should Check Your Doctor's Background

When it comes to your health and receiving the best care possible, it is highly advisable that you know who is treating you. Doctors with a history of malpractice and ill-advised behavior should be avoided. What to look for in a doctor There are a number of credentials you should always check when choosing a...

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What You Should Know About Infections Caused by Hospital Visits

If you’re in an accident or suffer an illness that requires medical care in Syracuse or anywhere in New York, you expect the hospital to be clean and safe. Unfortunately, some medical centers are breeding grounds for “superbugs” that can make patients very ill. Superbugs are strains of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotic drugs....

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Birth Injury Statistics: Newborns Sometimes Suffer Life-Threatening Complications

Parents-to-be look forward to the birth of their child. With joy in their hearts, they typically share their good news with family and friends. They discuss their favorite names and prepare the nursery as they get ready for the big day. But sadly, complications can arise during delivery. What should have been a celebratory moment...

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New York County Considering Pursuing Litigation For Opioid Epidemic

Oneida County considering legal action against pharmaceutical companies Oneida County officials reeling from the financial impact of the devastating opioid crisis in Upstate New York have hired three law firms to explore taking legal action against pharmaceutical companies responsible for creating these powerful drugs. Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente Jr. discussed the potentially-landmark legal case...

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