A Syracuse Medical Malpractice Attorney Discusses Complications Caused by Anesthesia Errors

Anesthesia is used for all types of medical procedures, from minor surgeries in which the patient remains awake to major operations in which the patient becomes unconscious from the drug’s effect.  We trust that the anesthesiologist will administer the correct dosage and follow proper procedures and protocols. But these medical professionals sometimes make anesthesia errors. They...

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A Syracuse Attorney Discusses the Importance of Checking Medical Records for Dangerous Errors

Do you know what your medical record says about you? It can be easy to assume that we do, that what is contained there is just what we’ve spoken about to our doctors and appointments we’ve attended.   However, records are not always accurate, and it’s important to verify that your medical record really describes your...

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Who’s Liable in a Fatal Surgical Error

Being the victim of a surgical error can be a deeply frightening experience. You trust a doctor to make you well put your life in their hands, and when you wake up, something has gone wrong. The effects may be short-lived. They may last the rest of your life. They may even prove fatal.  The nature...

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A Study on Clarity After Surgical Errors

How well do surgeons inform patients when something goes wrong during a procedure? In the interest of tracking and improving communication between surgeons and patients, the Center for Healthcare Organization and Implementation Research, Veterans Affairs Boston Healthcare System, recently published a study conducted with Veterans Affairs surgeons. The results show signs of improvement, but a...

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Rising Dangers in Childbirth in Syracuse and Beyond

Childbirth has always been one of the most amazing, powerful, and dangerous events in the human experience. The world’s mothers have benefited from advancements in medical care, however, and in all but one industrialized country, the rates of maternal death are consistently decreasing. The problem for us, however, is that the one industrialized country where...

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Use of Opioids Under Scrutiny in New York

In a surprisingly short time, opioids have gone from a niche term within the medical profession to a household name. Addictions to opioid medicines and, through them, to heroin, have escalated to epidemic levels. They have been tearing families apart, ruining lives, and costing our public health and safety agencies massive amounts of money. The...

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