Miscommunication in Hospitals

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When you receive medical treatment for an illness or condition, more than one person is responsible for your care. It's very important that everyone involved in treating you communicates effectively, to make sure you are diagnosed and treated properly. When communication breaks down, you can suffer harm as a result. When this happens, the hospital injury attorneys at Cherundolo Law Firm, PLLC hold negligent parties accountable.

The members of a health-care team in a hospital can include doctors, nurses, pharmacists, anesthesiologists, nurse's aides, dietitians, and therapists. All work together toward the diagnosis and treatment of your illness and condition. But when negligence leads to the wrong information being passed on about your care, it can result in injury or make your condition worse.

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Some examples of miscommunication in hospitals include:

  • Failing to pass on information about a patient to a doctor
  • Failing to notify a doctor about test results
  • Improperly entering information into medical records
  • Mislabeling medication or patient samples
  • Giving patients incorrect discharge or medication instructions

When communication errors result in illness or injury, additional medical treatment is needed, at additional expense. And a patient may be left unable to work, resulting in lost income. You have the right to seek financial compensation for these and other damages.

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Hospital injury cases involving miscommunication can be complex and difficult to prove. But Cherundolo Law Firm, PLLC has earned a reputation for winning complex cases. We have the knowledge, experience and resources needed to get results.

We start by conducting a thorough investigation of your case. Our legal team reviews all medical records and related documents. We interview everyone involved in your care, as well as any other witnesses. We also have access to medical experts who can help us prove that a communication error led to your injury.

Our firm builds the strongest case possible because it gets the attention of the insurance companies and brings them to the negotiating table. We are often able to work out a settlement that meets your needs. If the insurance company won't negotiate, we will fight for your compensation in court.

If you've been harmed in a hospital as a result of miscommunication, learn more about your legal options. We offer a free consultation and can answer any questions you have. Contact us today to set up an appointment.