Medical Liability Robot Surgery

Who is liable for medical errors caused by robot surgery? When incompetent doctors are in charge of patients, the consequences can be devastating. A person who trusts that the doctor will make things better, might get severely injured or worse. The doctor, surgeon or other medical professional who caused harm might have to answer to...

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Doctors Fear Malpractice Cases

Do fears of medical malpractice lawsuits cause doctors to over-treat patients? It’s natural for patients suffering from illness to place their trust in highly trained doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals. With a recent survey finding that doctors across the United States fear being subject to medical malpractice lawsuits to the point where overtreatment of...

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Objects Left Behind

Risks posed by tools left in patients post-surgery After surgery, we expect to be stitched up and sent to recover with careful, specific aftercare instructions. A clean recovery is the goal, without recurrence of the issue that required surgery in the first place. We want to return to our normal daily lives, and heal in...

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New York State Legislature Passes Lavern’s Law

On June 21, both houses of the New York state legislature passed a limited version of Lavern's Law, a measure intended to protect the rights of people injured due to medical malpractice. Under the new law, the statute of limitations for medical malpractice cases involving cancer or malignant tumors will begin when the patient discovers...

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