Personal Injury

Fighting For the Rights Of The Injured In Syracuse

Accidents happen every day, and sometimes people are left seriously hurt. A personal injury can change your life in an instant-physically, emotionally and financially. When the negligence of another was at fault for the accident that left you injured, the personal injury attorneys at Cherundolo Law Firm, PLLC can help.

A personal injury accident can happen anywhere-on the road, on someone else's property or on a construction site. But no matter where the accident happened, victims are sent to the hospital and require medical treatment. Depending on the injury, medical expenses can be quite costly. And injured victims who are left unable to work also lose income.

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You should not be stuck paying the costs when another party's negligence is blame for the injury you suffered. Cherundolo Law Firm, PLLC holds negligent parties accountable and fights to recover financial compensation for victims.

Insurance companies are supposed to help when people get hurt. But in reality, they are mostly concerned about the bottom line. In order to keep their profits high, they try to keep their payments low. They may question the extent of your injury. Or they'll make you a settlement offer that doesn't begin to cover the damages you've suffered.

The insurance companies have lawyers working to protect their interests. You need an experienced personal injury lawyer who will fight for your rights.

The damages a personal injury accident can cause

The damages you suffer in a personal injury accident can add up quickly. There are medical expenses for treating your injury. And if you suffer an injury that requires long-term treatment, expenses will continue to add up in the future. For example, you may require additional surgery, medication or therapy. An injury could also require home modifications, or home nursing care.

If an injury leaves you unable to work temporarily, your damages will include lost income. But some injuries can affect your ability to work at all, resulting in a loss of earning capacity.

There are also noneconomic damages that people can suffer after a serious injury. These include the pain and suffering, and emotional distress an injury can bring. There may a loss of consortium if the relationship with your spouse is never the same. There can also be loss of enjoyment of life, if an injury no longer allows you to take part in activities you love.

Our personal injury lawyers determine the true damages caused by your accident. Then we fight for a resolution of the case that meets your needs.

A record of unparalleled success

Cherundolo Law Firm, PLLC has earned a reputation for winning tough, complex cases. This has allowed us to help clients get the financial compensation they need and deserve to rebuild their lives. Our firm has obtained multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts for clients, including a $47 million verdict, the largest award in Onondaga County.

We have the knowledge, experience and resources to hold negligent parties accountable. Our legal team will investigate your accident to find out what really happened. We build a strong case that can't be ignored and fight to recover financial compensation. Many times, we are able to negotiate a settlement that works for you. But if we can't, we will fight for you in court.

If you've suffered a personal injury in Central New York, learn more about how we can help. Simply contact us to arrange for a free consultation. We'll review your case, explain your legal options and answer any questions you have.